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XcentroniX Products


Camera Battery Kits:

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    These kits comprise of 4 rechargeable batteries and a 4-channel dedicated charger in a carrying case. The batteries are fitted with a 5A fuse, and a 4-pin XLR connector, suitable for most broadcast video cameras.


    High-Power in-line Dimmers:

    These single channel 220v dimmers are indispensible for your flight kit, and may be used to control up to 3500W of incandescent power. Great for dimming the backlight on ENG shoots. Also available in multi-channel units.


        Voltage Converters for consumer camcorders:

These are used to drop the voltage of the standard 12v battery down to normally 7.2v,  for use with consumer-type camcorders.    


       PC-based Battery Condition Monitors:

   This is used to evaluate the performance of your complement of batteries over a period of time. Tell at a glance whether you have a suspect unit and eliminate it from yor kit.