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More about the restoration of my CitroŽn 2CV


Ridiculous bouncing 2CV


chassis2.jpg (33198 bytes)


The chassis, while being fixed.


chassis3.jpg (32868 bytes)

Another shot of the chassis.

gearbox.jpg (64685 bytes)

The gearbox, after stripping and cleaning.


myengine1.jpg (54376 bytes)

The engine of my 2CV, after rebuilding.


car8.jpg (60545 bytes)

The restoration progress as at 12 May, 1999.


car9.jpg (57084 bytes)

Restoration as at 12 May.


Almost finished

24 September 1999. Virtually complete!.


Bouncing moving 2CV

Some pics from a recent concourse at Kempton Park, Gauteng.

Some pics from an outing to Parys, Gauteng.

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